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25 November 2022
Gregory Pease Bankside: the first of the new Zeitrgeist-Collection is available

14 September 2022
Cornell and Diehl a major update with plenty of new tins, both small batch and regular

13 September 2022
Gawith Hoggarth Jubilee Blend in 50g Tin

3 August 2022
St. Patrick's Day Reserve 2022' small batch from Cornell & Diehl available

17 October 2021
Cabbie's Mixture available in Tin and Bulk

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Vintage Tobaccos


Please note the following before you dig in:

All Tobaccos on this pages was regularly purchased as "factory-fresh" by ourselves. The purchase reference date is as near as possible, however we display the importer label of the product: in this way possibly you will be able to retrieve a more exact date.

If you ever have a remark, comment or details, please don't hesitate to contact Daniel.

Also remember that this tobaccos are limited to the quantity we display on each one, but as usual: first come-first served.

Last but not least: the tobaccos was stored in good condition, however we don't know how the goods inside of the closed tins/pouches are as per today. For this reason we are unable to give any guarantee.