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25 November 2022
Gregory Pease Bankside: the first of the new Zeitrgeist-Collection is available

14 September 2022
Cornell and Diehl a major update with plenty of new tins, both small batch and regular

13 September 2022
Gawith Hoggarth Jubilee Blend in 50g Tin

3 August 2022
St. Patrick's Day Reserve 2022' small batch from Cornell & Diehl available

17 October 2021
Cabbie's Mixture available in Tin and Bulk

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Gawith Hoggarth TT Ltd.

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Natural Virginia Flakes
  • Bright CR Flake
  • Brown Flake
  • Dark Flake
  • Broken Scotch Cake
  • Scotch Flake
  • Louisiana Flake
  • Best Brown No. 2

Scented Virginia Flakes
  • Bobs Flake Choc
  • Bosun Cut Plug
  • Coniston Cut Plug
  • Ennerdale Flake
  • Glengarry Flake
  • Kendal Flake
  • Rum Flake
  • Broken Flake No. 7
  • Bobs Square Cut
  • Four Squires
  • Grasmere Flake
  • Cherry Cream


Curly Cut
  • Curly Cut
  • Curly Cut de Luxe
  • Dark Birds Eye

Twist & Plug
  • Black Irish Twist
  • Brown Irish Twist
  • Sweet Rum Twist
  • Dark Plug


  • Kendal Kentucky
  • No. 12 Mixture
  • Scottish Mixture
  • Balkan Mixture
  • DVC Chocolate
  • Burley & Bright
  • No. 5 Mixture
  • No. 20 Mixture
  • No. 25 Mixture
  • Exmoor

  • Kentucky Nougat
  • Ultimum
  • Gawith Red
  • Cherry & Vanilla
  • Exclusiv Black Cherry
  • New Prince


All Tins
  • Balkan Mixture
  • Bobs Flake Choc
  • Best Brown No. 2
  • Ennerdale Flake
  • Rum Flake
  • Louisiana Flake
  • Bright CR Flake

Limited Editions
  • Jubilee Blend 2022 NEW

Please note the following before you dig in:

We are proud to operate as the biggest online outlet for these fine pipe tobaccos. We currently stock more than 35 of them, and more will be added as demand arises.

On behalf of Synjeco and all the pipe smoking community, we would like to express our gratitude for and appreciation of all the detailed and honest tobacco descriptions Mr. Rob Young kindly provided us with. We just wish other tobacco manufacturer would follow suit and tell their customers what they put in the tobaccos they expect them to smoke and remain loyal to!

You can also get more information on Gawith Hoggarth's own Web Site at:

The "Strength" declared and the "Comment" provided are based on a purely personal perspective. However, all tobacco have been tried over and over again over a long period of time. We never recommend (or even sell) a tobacco we have never tried (and often enjoyed).

We strongly believe that it's important to see a tobacco before buying it. That is why we offer you photos of each single tobacco.

Gawith Hoggarth tobaccos come in 500g (approx.1.1 lb) packages (not vacuum-sealed). So, if you opt for that amount, or more, you'll receive the tobacco in the original factory packaging with a 10% discount. The discount does not apply to Twist and Curly Cut tobaccos.

If you ever try any of these tobaccos and would like to add a comment (or object to one), please don't hesitate to contact Daniel.

Numerical Strength Guide

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Overwhelming Ex. Strong V. Strong Strong Med-Strong Medium Mild-Med Mild V. Mild Ex. Mild