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2 May
St. Patricks Day 2021 A "very very" limited edition from Cornell and Diehl...

30 April
Windjammer The new Flake from Gregory Pease

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New Tobaccos


We called this additional Section "New Tobaccos": not that the products are new, but because for us it is a new challenge to be ready to offer to our pipesmoker Friends all over the world the largest possible selection, in spite of the fact, that more and more pipe tobaccos disappear from the market.

Obviously we know and in the years we tried most of it, but it will be the next challenge for us, to try all again and possibly give our personal comments. However, we didn't do any valutation, as we know that this products are already described on other web-sites, and we limited our comments to the information we could get from the manufacturers

If you have questions, comments, critics or suggestions, please send a message to Daniel

We hope that you find at least one blend that meets your taste and needs. Enjoy.

Special Offer

The Tobaccos in this "New Tobaccos" section are all offered in bundles as it comes from the factory. You will see on each product the "Unit": this indicates in detail how many tins or pouches are included in the "bundle". Obviously you can order more than one "bundle".

The prices are ALL discounted: you will find the official price and our price. The prices refer to one unit (bundle).

Last but not least: please remember, that all Price indications in US$ and/or in EUR are absolutely approximate and indicative: we will bill at the displayed Swiss Francs (CHF) Prices and your Credit Card company/Bankers will arrange the convertion at their best daily rate, on which we dont have any influence. Thank's for understanding.