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7 January 2024
Cornell & Diehl 3 Small Batches arrived: Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2023, From Beyond, Corn Cob Pipe

25 November 2023
Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop MIXTURE available in limited quantities

22 August 2023
Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Mixture very limited availability

7 August 2023
Cornell & Diehl 6 New Small Batches available

4 August 2023
Gregory Pease NEW Géometrie: the Zeitgeist-Collection grows...

30 April 2023
Seattle Pipe Club NEW: 9 Tinned Tobaccos Available

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Tobaccos - Directory


Welcome to our Tobaco section! You're about to view and choose from the pipe tobacco assortment carefully selected and tested by Mr. Hans Schneider, Daniel, and Tarek. Our aim has been that of providing a valid, high quality tobacco blend for every taste; we've deliberately limited our selection to tobaccos that are not readily available world-wide.

For English blends, both classic and modern, very few professional blenders can match the experience and the blending talent of Master Hans Schürch. Since 1964, all Schürch tobaccos have been made of the highest quality leaf available and blended solely by the experienced hands of Hans Schürch. We have decided to stay with Schürch tobaccos also for our flavored/aromatic tobaccos, simply because Hans uses only 100% natural flavors to make his flavored/aromatic mixtures, which is quite rare.

To complete our tobacco selection, we had to offer the all-Virginia fans their share of the fun. We opted for Samuel Gawith tobaccos which not only represent the blending expertise and tradition of over 200 years, but also offer a wide choice of pressed Virginia tobaccos in very traditional forms: Flakes, 6" Flakes, Plugs, and Twists.

Discovering Samuel Gawith tobaccos, we met also his "Sister-Enterprise" Gawith Hoggarth & Co. another manufacturer of Natural Virginia tobacos located in Kendal (Lakelands, U.K.)

Apart from the bulk/loose Schürch, Samuel Gawith and Gawith Hoggarth tobaccos, we offer you a huge selection of Cornell & Diehl as well as Gregory Pease tobaccos: carefully blended tobaccos from Morganton in North Carolina and distributed by us in Switzerland.

Finally, upon request of many Pipesmoker Friends, we add our "Synjeco Blends" and some pre-packed tobaccos like Imperial tobaccos, Amphora, Erinmore and Orlik for which it exists a big request. If you need a tobacco and you dont find it on our Site, please send a message to Daniel and we will find it for you, if it is imported or produced in Switzerland.

We hope that you find at least one blend that meets your taste and needs. Enjoy.