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2 April
Spring Promotion: 10% rebate on all items until 14 April 2019

31 March
Spring Holiday 2018 Offices closed 2 to 15 April 2019

9 December
New Gawith Hoggarth: 8 tobaccos Mixtures and Flakes for you!

13 June
New Tobaccos: Cornell Diehl and Samuel Gawith

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Pipes - Directory

Welcome to out "Pipe-Directory". We need to give you a overwiew about all pipes we supply or we are able for to give you a contact to the manufacturer if he sold only directly to the pipesmoker.
The idea behind this list, is to give you a facility to discover what is new, and what is not available at the moment, avoiding a visit to each page, which is anyway of interest, but not always desired.

When you have choosed the brand you need, you can select it on the navigation bar and go in.
Selecting the name, you will either come on a short description of the manufacturer or directly in the gallery, which provides thumbnails of all the pipes within that brand name; if you see a pipe that interests you, you can then click on it, and it'll take you to the page where that pipe is located.

View Pipes by Brand Name in alphabetical order

  • Ascorti
  • Brebbia NEW
  • Butz-Choquin
  • Cavicchi
  • Chacom
  • Courrieu
  • Don Carlos
  • EWA
  • Falcon
  • Genod
  • Gigi
  • Jeantet
  • Kai Nielsen
  • Lacroix
  • Lubinski Opus-Watch
  • Mastro de Paja
  • Moretti
  • Nording (Hunting Pipes)
  • Ropp
  • Ser Jacopo (Picta)
  • Strambach NEW
  • Turkish Meerschaum
  • Luigi Viprati