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22 August 2023
Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Mixture very limited availability

7 August 2023
Cornell & Diehl 6 New Small Batches available

4 August 2023
Gregory Pease NEW Géometrie: the Zeitgeist-Collection grows...

30 April 2023
Seattle Pipe Club NEW: 9 Tinned Tobaccos Available

31 March 2023
Cornell & Diehl 10 New Tinned Mixtures, Flakes and Crumble Cakes asx Well as 2 Small Batches "Palmetto Balkan" and "Folklore"

25 November 2022
Gregory Pease Bankside: the first of the new Zeitrgeist-Collection is available

13 September 2022
Gawith Hoggarth Jubilee Blend in 50g Tin

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