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17 June 2024
Per G. Jensen 6 NEW Tobaccos "The Viking Collection" Available

7 January 2024
Cornell & Diehl 3 Small Batches arrived: Carolina Red Flake with Perique 2023, From Beyond, Corn Cob Pipe

25 November 2023
Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop MIXTURE available in limited quantities

22 August 2023
Cornell & Diehl Bayou Morning Mixture very limited availability

7 August 2023
Cornell & Diehl 6 New Small Batches available

4 August 2023
Gregory Pease NEW Géometrie: the Zeitgeist-Collection grows...

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The Pipe Tree ®

The Ultimate Combination of Innovation and Practicality
The Pipe Rack
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The PipeTree® is the result of a full year of a labor-intensive process of designing, creating, modelling, trying, adjusting, refining, etc. We have been using all of the initial prototypes as well as the final one you see here, and that's how we're finally able to offer it to our fellow pipe smokers as the ultimate in innovation and practicality. The PipeTree® now works as perfectly as you always hoped it would. We strongly advise to go thoroughly through this page to get as much information as possible, unless you're a traditionalist who prefers conventional pipe racks and stands, with the bowl either up or down!

As always, your feedback, whether positive or negative, would be highly appreciated. Just drop Daniel a message.


The PipeTree® is made up of five separate pieces, as illustrated below. You can put them together, as well as dismantle them, in a matter of seconds, without having to use any tools.

  Lower Round Base Metal Part Upper Round Base Vertical Base Main Display Piece
28 cm / 11"
28 cm / 11"
9 cm / 3.5"
39.5 cm / 15.5"
15 cm / 6"
25 cm / 9.7"
15 cm / 5.8"
1.5 cm / 0.7"
1.5 cm / 0.7"
1.5 cm / 0.7"
1.5 cm / 0.7"
690g-1lb 8oz
236g / 8 oz
690g / 1lb 8oz
270g / 9.6 oz
665g / 1.5lb
Each slit is 5 cm / 2" wide and 7mm / 0.4" high.
Measurements and weights in inches and ounces are approximate.


  • The PipeTree® is made of beechwood, which, as you may know, is a first class wood (the same family as oak and chestnut).
  • The PipeTree® is made in the southern part of Switzerland and is patent-pending. The patent is Synjeco's property.
  • The overall weight of The PipeTree® may vary slightly; however, we calculate an average weight of 2.5 kg or 5.5 lb.

What is Special

The following are some of the features that prove The PipeTree® is unique. We are sure that you can add more to this section.

  • No other rack is designed to accommodate between 10 and 30 pipes, without looking terribly empty or full. It's ultimately the rack that expands with your collection.
  • It doesn't take any more room than a traditional 7-pipe rack.
  • The design, and the quality wood used, should only add to the beauty of your pipes.
  • No 30-pipe rack in existence is as mobile and portable as this one. You can dismantle it and place the five pieces in a small bag. Its light weight also renders it an easy item to carry on a short or long trip.
  • The fact that it rotates so smoothly and effortlessly makes it ideal to show friends up to thirty pipes at a time, without having to take them off The PipeTree®.
  • The PipeTree® offers endless ways of displaying your pipes. You can easily reorganize your pipes whenever you feel like it. The sky is the limit.
  • The height of the slits is intended to allow the removal of a pipe, placed on the inner side of the rack without having to remove the ones placed on the outter side. All you have to do is simply lift the pipe slightly and pull it out of the slit, with the bowl towards you. The exception to this is when you have a pipe with a rather high/thick bite.
  • It also offers an easy and systematic way of keeping track of your pipes 'in rotation'. You can start from up down, down to top, left to right, right to left, etc.
  • Last, but not least, is the price. For The PipeTree® you will pay the price for 2-3, mid-range 6-pipe racks!

Display Options

The following are only 8 ways to use The PipeTree®. We are confident that, if you decide to own one, you will come up with so many different display options. In that case, we'll be very happy to hear from you.

As the thumbnails are a bit hazy, we strongly advise you to enlarge them to get a good view.

With 10 Pipes
10 Pipes
20 Pipes - View 1
20 Pipes View 1
20 Pipes - View 2
20 Pipes View 2
20 Pipes - View 3
20 Pipes View 3
20 Pipes - View 4
20 Pipes View 4
20 Pipes - View 5
20 Pipes View 5
30 Pipes - View 1
30 Pipes View 1
30 Pipes - View 2
30 Pipes View 2

Q & A

The following questions have been posted and answered by us. The PipeTree® ushers a new and different way of displaying pipes, we thought you might find this part useful. If you have a question that is not answered here, please send Daniel a message.

As the thumbnails are a bit hazy, we strongly advise you to enlarge them to get a good view.

  • Would it harm the mouthpiece if pipe is suspended like this?
    No. That's how a lot of you out there hold their pipes anyway (in their mouths, that is). We have been displaying our pipes like this for a year, and we haven't noticed even the slight change in the condition of the mouthpiece or, more importantly, the shank-tenon fit.
  • Would the contact between the wood of The PipeTree® slit and the mouthpiece scratch the latter?
    No. The edges of each slit in the rack are rounded and smoothened up for that reason. None of our mouthpieces, both in acrylic and vulcanite, have suffered any scratches.
  • Do the pipes rest and dry well, being put away in this way?
    Absolutely. We could even say they rest and dry better than with the bowl up or down. As you can imagine, this horizontal position allows better air circulation.
  • Would pipes risk falling?
    Yes, but not any more than those placed on a traditional rack. It is definitely not a rack you want to put in harm's way. So, make sure you place it in safe place, particularly out of reach of children and passers-by. Ideally, it should be placed on a shelf, as long as YOU have an easy access to it. You can also put it on a corner table in your office or home.
  • Can The PipeTree® really support the weight of 30 pipes?
    Considering the high quality of the wood and the metal base used, The PipeTree® can easily take several times the weight of 30 of your heaviest pipes!
  • Does The PipeTree® have limitations?
    The only limitation we can think of is the fact that the slit is not designed to accommodate a mouthpiece that is excessively thick (thicker than 7mm/0.4"). Almost all saddle mouthpieces should fit with no problems. It's with rather thick taper mouthpieces that you might have a problem. (However, in the case of one or two such thick mouthpieces you should be able to slightly widen one or two slits with a file or even sandpaper.) See "Specifications" to get the exact measurements of the different pieces.
    (If you think of other limitations, please let us know, and we'll add them to this sections if they hold!)
  • Is it safe to rotate The PipeTree® with lots of pipes on it?
    Yes, but you have to make sure not to do so too fast or abruptly.


One of the reasons why it took us one whole year to be able to present The PipeTree® is our strong wish to offer it at an affordable price. The price is comparable to the price of a traditional pipe rack for 12-18 pipes:

CHF 180.00

Such a traditional rack would never be as versatile, practical and accommodating as The PipeTree®.

Please note that the above price does not include shipping. The following table provides the shipping costs from Switzerland to different parts of the world (the cost sometimes varies within each destination. As The PipeTree® weighs about 2.5 kg/5 lb., the shipping costs below are calculated based on a package weighing a total of 3 kg/5.5 lb.

Priority MailSurface Mail
Europe CHF37.00 - 48.0032.00 - 42.00
USA & Canada CHF55.00 - 66.0044.00 - 50.00
Other Destinations CHF67.00 - 101.0050.00 - 63.00

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